Angelic Healing with Janine Krasvoskis is an energy healing modality to bring light, healing and hope overseen by the four Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel, using universal energy from the earth’s magnetic energy grid Metatron. Sessions can be carried out with adults, children, animals, situations, plants and all forms of life.
This healing procedure may be done no more then three times a week per client as it is a very powerful healing. Angelic Healing works on all four planes of the body, physical, emotional, spiritual and the mental plane. This treatment compliments other medical or healing modalities you may already be receiving.
The session is done with the client laying down fully clothed as the practitioner provides treatment in a calm, peaceful environment. There is no physical contact in this healing. Clients will feel relaxed and some may experience warming sensations or just feel relaxed. Sessions can be in person or done by a distance.
Angelic Healing can assist with:
*Emotional Pain
*Peaceful balance
*Feelings of uneasiness
*Digestive issues
*Ringing in the ears
*Back pain
*Relationship issues
*Childhood issues