ElectroDermal Testing (or EDS) is the measurement of the body’s acupuncture points and meridians systems. It is a blend of technology and traditional Asian medical theory. The system is used to assess the function of the organ systems such as the intestines, lymph tissues, kidney, and liver.


It may be used to determine the overall state of regulation and may also be used to identify infections, dental problems, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, weakness to heavy metals and toxins, and food and environmental allergies or sensitivities.


The process consists of the individual holding a brass rod in one hand, while the naturopathic doctor touches certain points on the body (usually the hand or foot) with a stylus (pen-like probe) and a measurement is recorded into a computer. It is a resistance measurement procedure that is based on “electrical engineering physics.” This process is non-invasive (it does not puncture the skin) and does not give shocks.