These are Dynamic and Empowering

Women-only Goddess Circles



“Awaken the Goddess within. It’s your birthright!”

What is a Monthly Goddess Circle?

A Sacred Circle of openness and non-judgment to:

  • Establish and nurture relationships with each other and themselves
  • Discover and release old patterns
  • Clear negative energy through smudging and intention
  • Re-connect with our amazing Goddess bodies
  • Experience the different energy archetypes of women
  • Explore and practice trusting intuition
  • Re-claim our Personal Power and connect with the True Self
  • Explore the Mysterious and “Forbidden” territories of the feminine self
  • Participate in guided meditations and interactive activities 
  • Release barriers to intimacy, Love, & Sexuality and MORE
Monthly meetings are 2 hours, and will be held at Optimal Wellness Niagara located in St. Catharines. $25 per circle. Come join us, monthly gatherings are usually the third or fourth Sunday for each month.  For exact date please see the schedule.


 “Throughout this PLAYSHOP we will each remember we are a beautiful being, worthy of Love and respect, and begin to honor ourselves as such.”— Natalie Haig


Want more? Book a Private Group Full Day Playshop.


 “Attending Natalie’s Goddess workshop was a wonder-filled experience. As a facilitator myself I saw in her a natural ability and passion to impart her inner wisdom to others. She glowed with her loving presence as she spoke of connecting to our inner Goddess. As a participant I saw in her qualities that inspired me to be the glowing Goddess she not only spoke of, but emanated. Thank-you Natalie, for sharing your passion and your love.”
Debra Harding, Reiki Master  Burlington, ON


Here are some of my pictures of the Goddess Circles



Just follow these 2 easy steps to register

Step 1 – e-mail me here to set up e-transfer, quick and easy. Or pay with Paypal accepting Credit cards. Or phone (905) 988 – 9009 with your name and number so I can add you to the list.