Dr. Maria Grande, MD is certified by the Centre of Mindfulness Studies in Toronto, Ontario and is bringing her knowledge to OWN.

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Mindfulness Meditation is:

  1. A way to meditate with greater tolerance and acceptance of your thoughts and emotions.
  2. A way to develop states of tranquility (body and mind).
  3. Open and unstructured, although there is some simple structure at the beginning of a sitting, by being aware of your body while allowing thoughts and feelings into the practice of meditation.
  4. The notion of recollection comes from sitting with your thoughts and feelings. This is differentiated from trying to notice them in the present moment. If attempting to notice and manage them in the present moment, you may find that you are trying to manage them and even struggle with them.
  5. The process of recollective awareness enables us to develop awareness after the sitting.
  6. During the sitting we just let our thoughts and feelings happen.
  7. After the sitting, we write down what we recollect and may talk about our experiences with our partner.
  8. In this way, when we have similar thoughts and feelings while at work or in a pressured situation, we will be more familiar with them and more aware and naturally able to be the master of them rather than led by them.


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YOGA NIDRA with Sandra Edgar

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