One-on-One private meditation sessions are offered by Janine Krasovskis.
What is Guided Meditation?
Meditation is the practice of quietening one’s thoughts, taming the Monkey Mind. There are numerous meditation styles and techniques to unclutter your mind, including using visualisations, music, breath, mantras, silence, and much more.  The two most popular types of meditation today are transcendental and mindfulness.
During a Guided meditation, the Client will lay or sit in a comfortable position in a quiet and peaceful space. With music and speaking, the practitioner will gently guide them into a state of relaxed consciousness to help and improve numerous mental and physical health issues, and lead towards self-acceptance and happiness. Sessions can be in person or carried out over video call.
Guided Meditation can assist with:
*Relieve stress, which also reduces anxiety, which naturally lessens the chances depression.
* Improve health (through stress reduction) and enhance sleep.
* Help you develop a more mindful and loving approach to yourself and others.
* Even lead you to where your true happiness lies: inside you.
*If you choose, take you to the doorway to deeper, intuitive and enlightened thought and intuitive revelations.