OWN Magazine is our FREE electronic publication available to our clients and community in the Niagara Region.

We at Optimal Wellness Niagara pride ourselves on giving time and personal attention to all of our patients and strive to help guide each individual to living their best life.

Health and wellness is so much more than just taking a pill or remedy; it involves time and effort and a willingness on the part of the patient and the practitioner. This is why we have created OWN Magazine; to give our time, energy and knowledge to our community.

We want to share our knowledge with everyone whether you are a patient at OWN or not. Each quarterly issue will include personal stories, best practices, great tips for increasing health and wellness in your life, upcoming events, services and workshops and special offers at OWN.

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Advertising in OWN Magazine

Optimal Wellness Niagara wants to insure that its services are made available to the community regardless of a person’s financial situation. By advertising in OWN Magazine 80% of your fee will go directly into our OWN Community Fund which will offer clients the opportunity to be given a sliding scale rate for wellness services at OWN.

Advertising Fees

1/4 Page Ad: $75
1/2 Page Ad: $125
Full Page Ad: $275
Priority Location (first half of the magazine): +$75

For additional information regarding advertising contact Monica Wilson at monica@optimalwellnessniagara.com.



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