prental yoga
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR PREGNANCY!  Are you looking for a great way to physically and mentally prepare yourself for childbirth and motherhood?  
It’s possible that you can start your Prenatal Yoga practice anytime during your pregnancy and no previous yoga experience is necessary.

If you are in your first trimester, we recommend that you check with your doctor first, before coming to class.  Also, the last month of pregnancy is also a good time to re-evaluate with your doctor.

Our Prenatal Yoga teachers are trained and certified to teach this specialized class.



Main Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

1. Celebrate the life of your child in a calming way that centers your mind, body and spirit.

2.  Yoga builds strength and balance.  Prepare your body for the adjustments and adaptations the body will make throughout the pregnancy.

3. Ease symptoms such as sciatica, morning sickness, backaches, sciatica, shortness of breath and fatigued limbs in a safe manner.  Reduce leg swelling and insomnia.

4.  Prepare for the labour and birth of your child by opening your hips, using meditation and calming breathing techniques.

5. Become more in tune with your body.  Many individuals who understand their body and breath control have found ways to ease the labour process.

6. Yoga encourages confidence by activating the Manipura Chakra.

7.  Meet women who are pregnant and preparing for their birth, just like you! You may just make a new best friend or have future playdates for your little one.

8. Take time out for yourself. We get so busy at work, managing the household and preparing for the birth of the child that we sometimes forget about ourselves. Celebrate YOU!

9.  Create a faster post partum recovery by maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy.

10. Yoga helps you bond with your baby.  You deserve this class and so does your child!

What to Expect?

Our classes are set in a small, intimate setting, and yoga props like bolsters, blocks and straps are commonly used to facilitate the practice and make the poses attainable, without strain.

A typical Prenatal Yoga class entails light meditation, breath work, gentle stretching, standing and seated poses (with modifications and props), and relaxation.

We recommend you bring your own mat and water bottle.