ImageRev Natalie Haig

Natalie is the founder of Sacred Breakthroughs. She is a powerful visionary and a natural-born teacher.   She is a Reverend from the Metaphysical Ministry School (since 2009), Certified Reflexologist (since 2003), Reiki Master  (since 2004), and Certified Hypnotherapist (since 2004). Her hypnosis specialties include past-life regression, child birth relaxation, the releasing of fears, and weight loss.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, she is motivating, energetic, and a true empath. She consciously lives the law of attraction, knowing that she creates her reality. In this knowing she assists others in taking ownership of their lives they have created, helping them realize that they are the master of their realities.

“My mission is to assist you in becoming the best you can be. To inspire, heal, and empower you to have your sacred breakthroughs. Creating a life of love, truth, passion and joy.”

Natalie’s passion for her work is contagious, she personally used Reiki and Hypnosis to transform her life and fell in love with it. She has been teaching Reiki since 2006 and runs Reiki classes monthly. She has used Hypnosis to release 75lbs of fat and has also published affirmation cards to help others have a positive body image.

Before her Holistic Business, she graduated from Centennial College Hospitality and Tourism Program in 2001. She studied this because she knew at an early age that she wants to run her own holistic retreat centre one day. Currently she is working on her Doctorate in Metaphysical Science, she love learning and remains a student of life.

Not only is  Natalie a business owner, she is also is a proud mother of 4 beautiful children, they truly are her inspiration to do everything in LIFE!

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