Studio DO’s and Etiquette


  1. I am I Feel I Do I Love___ChakrasPlease try to arrive a few minutes early.  If you are late for a yoga class, wait until after Centering and enter as quietly as possible.
  2. Leave your personal items such as shoes, purses and bags in place provided by the inside front door. Turn all cell phones off.
  3. Practice on an empty stomach. It is recommended that your last meal is eaten 2 to 3 hours prior to class.
  4. Bring water to class. Although for yoga class, save your water for the end of class.  Drinking just before or during class does little to help you.  Plus, there isn’t much time!  A natural flow between postures is essential.  Certain poses release toxins into your body and as a result, and you will need water to flow freely through your body so drink immediately after class to help flush them out.
  5. Please avoid wearing perfume or cologne.
  6. Jewellery can prevent the flow of energy and be disruptive to a pose. Please avoid wearing jewellery especially large pieces.
  7. For yoga, bring your non-competitive spirit! This is your practice and it is between you and YOU!  Rest when you need to.  Every day and every practice is different.  Love where you are at, no matter what!
  8. For hygienic and vibrational reasons, bring your own mat. We will have a couple on hand (just in case you forget yours).
  9. Remind the teacher of any pre-existing condition or limitations you may have at the beginning of class.
  10. Feel thankful and accomplished by simply showing up!