“Why is there no money at month’s end?”

I hear this question perhaps more than any other. “Why is it that, no matter what we do, there is never any money left at the end of the month?”

I typically answer this question in one of two ways. First, “what is so magical about month-end that you think there a pile of cash on the counter left for you?” And second, “who in this world truly wants you to succeed with your money?”

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How much should you pay for your next vacation?


When you come back from a vacation it’s hard not to reflect on vacations past. The vacation is perhaps the most anticipated and enjoyable use of your money, but many people struggle with what they should spend. This question gets posed to me a lot.

I’ll start with the most obvious of comments. Purchase the vacation you can afford. Period.

There is perhaps ...

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So, gas prices are down – What are you doing with the savings?

http://niagararegionmoneycoaches.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Gas-Pump1.jpgLet’s forget for a moment the impact that crude oil trading in the $50 range will have on our national economy, federal surpluses or Alberta’s housing prices in the short term. We are all saving money at the pumps – and it’s not a small amount of savings. The gentleman who pumped my gas the other night (yes, there are still a few full…

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