Tai Chi is often referred to as “meditation in motion” because the slow and steady sequential movements help in assisting spiritual cultivation, and initiates connection of the mind and body. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body iTai Chi Mixs in constant motion.

Though its roots date back to ancient China as a practice for self-defense, Tai Chi has evolved into an effective way to reduce stress, among many other health benefits. Tai Chi Yang Style 8-form is low-intensity and will cover the basic movements. There are more advanced forms to follow.

Also incorporated in this class is the practice of Ba Duan Jin Qi (Gi) Gong, which is done in the beginning of each class as a warm up. It has been proved that the practice of Ba Duan Jin improves the respiratory system, limb strength, and flexibility of the joints, and fortifies the nerves, as well as enhances the general balance.



  • Increase in positive a mood, with lower levels of depression,
  • Reduction of stress levels, and anxiety
  • Greater aerobic capacity, endurance, flexibility and muscle strength
  • More energy (Chi) and stamina
  • Enhanced  balance, and agility
  • Lower blood pressure and improved heart health
  • Reduced Inflammation within the body
  • For seniors it is beneficial for balance and can result in Fewer falls.

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