Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vibrational Technologies™  is an empowerment modality that taps into the very essence of who we are: Sound and Energy! Working in the energetic field around the body with tuning fork frequencies, energy, and geometric forms enhances one’s energy field and clears and reinforces personal grids and the connection to your higher self.

These sessions lead to: clarity of the mind, identifying with one’s highest purpose, and greater connection to one’s spiritual journey. When combined on the vibroacoustic device of the InnerSoul Sound Table, physical changes like reduced stress levels, lowered heart rate, increased circulation, and a sense of overall wellness can also transpire.

Raising your vibration to the higher resonant frequencies of love, joy, gratitude, and well-beingness works with the physical laws of attraction. Attracting into your life those same qualities from the world around you.