Wait-listed? Prehab can help!

Have you or someone you know been wait-listed for an orthopaedic surgery? Or have been scheduled for an appointment with an Orthopaedic Specialist that is months and months away?

These wait-times can be long, painful, and debilitating! Often times, they can be associated with pain, a decrease in functional status, overall fitness and a reduced quality of life.

Prehabilitation, or ‘Prehab’ is the answer to these wait-times!

Prehabilitation is changing and improving your functional capacity prior to surgery. Turning the wait-time into healing time; reducing your pain, improving your function and quality of life!

Not only can participation in a Prehabilitation program benefit you during this wait-time, but it can improve your post-surgical outcomes, and possibly help avoid the surgery altogether!

Recent research strongly supports patient participation in a Prehab program prior to an orthopaedic surgery.


“Participation in a Prehab Program can improve your quality of life by decreasing pain and improving your functional ability during the prolonged wait time.” McKay, Carly, Harry Prapavessis, and Timothy Doherty (2012).

“Prehabilitation improves physical function even in the most severely compromised patients with Osteoarthritis awaiting total joint arthroplasty” —Desmeules, Hall, Woodhouse (2013)

“Recent studies show that Prehab Programs help to prepare patients for surgery by strengthening the affected joint and improving functional ability.” — Topp, R., Swank, A. M., Quesada, P. M., Nyland, J., & Malkani, A. (2009).

“the fitter the patient, the less time they spend in hospital post surgery” —BJSM Podcast


This means that a Prehab program prior to orthopaedic surgeries can greatly benefit a patient’s immediate health, and even the long-term outcome of their surgery. The fitter and stronger you are prior to surgery, the quicker you will heal and get back to your every day activities!

Through proper stretching, strengthening and education: a Prehab program can prepare the mind and body for the upcoming procedure and limit negative consequences that occur as a result of the time lapse from diagnosis to procedure.

Niagara PreHab & Wellness offers Prehabilitation Programs of care at Optimal Wellness Niagara, or in the comfort of your home! We also take Prehab one-step further, because ‘Pre’ is also for PREVENTION. If you get exercising early enough there’s a chance we can help you avoid the surgery altogether!
Check out our website at www.prehabwellness.ca or call to book an appointment!


Adam Burtnik, R.Kin.
Kinesiologist & Founder, Niagara PreHab & Wellness