The ZUMBINI program strives for children to learn through play!  Evidence research recommends this method of learning for young children.

– 45 min music and movement class

– designed for children aged 0-3 with a caregiver

– includes dancing singing and playing instruments such as drums, egg shakers, sticks

– filled with original songs created by Zumba fitness specifically for this class format

focuses on energy, fun, and play to contribute toward the natural development of cognitive, social, emotional and physical abilities of the child

 zumbini image



6 weeks starting Sunday May 21st at 3pm


What you GET:

– a bonding experience for all involved, including caregiver to child, child to child, and caregiver to caregiver,

– this bonding occurs with the facilitation of having a fun, musical environment

– the caregiver has to be ready to participate and be prepared to move dance and sing with the child

– 2 cds and a songbook this spring quarter – “Kalino finds the music”



6 week session starting May 21st, 3pm – 3:45 pm on sundays. We will not run on Father’s Day.  $144 (per family, up to 2 children)

Each family receives a zumbini bundle as part of the program: 2 cd’s, book and Kalino stuffy.


Classes led by certified instructor Rebekah Lumley.  
CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW – contact Rebekah at 905 359 2263 or